Selected invited talks

Slides and videos for many talks can be found here, for others please email me.

Competitive Equilibria with Indivisible Goods and Generic Budgets
Workshop on Trustworthy Algorithmic Decision Making, Pentagon City, VA, Dec. 2017.
Israeli Chapter of the Game Theory Society, Technion, Israel, Jun. 2017.
MATCH-UP, Microsoft Research New England, MA, Apr. 2017.

Approximate Modularity Revisited
Algorithms and Complexity Seminar, MIT, MA, Apr. 2017.
Young Researcher Workshop on Economics and Computation, Tel-Aviv University, Israel, Jan. 2017.

The Competition Complexity of Auctions
Algorithmic Game Theory Seminar, University of Oxford, UK, Apr. 2017.

Why Prices Need Algorithms
Complex Auctions and Practice Workshop, Stony Brook University, NY, Jul. 2016.
Economics Departmental Seminar, Ben-Gurion University, Israel, Jun. 2016.
Market/Mechanism Design in Israel, Bar Ilan University, Israel, May 2016.
Economic Theory Seminar, Department of Economics, Hebrew University, Israel, May 2016.

When Are Welfare Guarantees Robust?
Workshop on AGT and Data Science, Maastricht University, the Netherlands, Jul. 2016.
I-CORE Algorithms Day, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, Apr. 2016.

Robust Market Design
Dissertation Award Presentation, EC’16, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, Jul. 2016.
Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Seminar, Berkeley, CA, Mar. 2015.
Joint Microeconomics and Computer Science Workshop, Cornell University, NY, Nov. 2014.
Social and Information Sciences Laboratory Seminar Series, Caltech, CA, Nov. 2014.
INFORMS Annual Meeting, Cluster in Honor of Al Roth, CA, Nov. 2014.

Modularity and Greed in Double Auctions
Jerusalem School in Economic Theory (poster), IIAS, Israel, Jun. 2014.
Microeconomics Theory Lunch, Stanford University, CA, Apr. 2014

Welfare and Revenue Guarantees for Competitive Bundling Equilibrium
Game Theory and Computation Seminar, Microsoft Research New England, MA, Mar. 2014.

Optimal and Robust Mechanisms for Interdependent Values
EconCS Seminar, University of California, Berkeley, CA, Dec. 2013.
Theory Seminar, Northwestern University, IL, Oct. 2013.
EconCS Seminar, Harvard University, MA, Oct. 2013.
China Theory Week, Aarhus University, Denmark, Aug. 2013.

Supply-Limiting Mechanisms
Microeconomics Theory Lunch, Stanford University, CA, Apr. 2013.

Prediction and Welfare in Ad Auctions
EconCS Seminar, Berkeley, CA, Mar. 2013.

Adding Data to an Ad Exchange
Yahoo! Labs, CA, Sep. 2011.

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